Welcome to Doge Back
The first token with dividend yield paid in Dogecoin

Doge Back is aptly named! It’s a simple concept combining the two trending mechanisms : buy back and dividend.

About DogeBack

What is DogeBack

🐕 Introduction
By simply holding, you will earn crypto currencies favourite meme coin – DOGE
The longer you hold, the more you earn – it really is that simple.
The devs and mods are ready to answer any questions you may have
So come on over, get involved, and do not miss out on the next multi million dollar coin.. you owe it to your doge, it’s the least you can do!

🐕 On The Skills
First token with dividend yield paid in Dogecoin

🐕 Doge Dividend Reward
DogeBack proposes an innovative feature in its contract : DIVIDEND PAYMENT IN DOGECOIN ! Check for yourself some screenshots of people that got rewarded with DOGE

🐕 Check how many Free Dogecoin our holders got in only two hours. Buy Doge Back now to get yours ASAP!


Presale Allocation
PancakeSwap Allocation
Marketing and Team Wallet
DX Sale Fees*

*DXSales requires to save around 12% “to avoid issues dues to fees or exploits”. It’s for rebalancing in case someone added small liquidity. These Tokens will be locked forever by DXSales meaning burned if not needed for the presale process.


15% tax, 10% is used to purchase DOGE which
is automatically paid out in dividends to holders

5% is split between buy back mechanism
and team/marketing fund.
Marketing Fund can be used in extreme
circumstances to correct market volatility

Total Supply 100 000 000 000

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10% of every transaction is accumulated for dividends to holders – Paid in Binance Peg DOGECOIN. If you don’t know what are Binance-Pegged Token you can read this interesting article.


Dividends are automatically reflected relative to your holdings; distribution cycle times depend on number of holders in the market and transaction volume but can be claimed manually - A minimum of 200k tokens is required to be held to qualify for dividend distribution


5% of all transactions will be taken by the contract, a configurable portion will be used for marketing while the bulk of the tax will be used to buy back and burn our token to offset the selling pressure generated by the dividend mechanic. Win-Win Deal!


Configurable transaction limits to maintain optimal chart conditions

Achievements & Roadmap

✓ CoinGecko listing on Day 1
✓ CoinMarketCap listing on Day 2
✓ Partnership with Peachfolio on Day 2
✓ PancakeSwap logo uploaded
✓ TrustWallet logo uploaded
Short Term Roadmap
• Dividend Dashboard Allowing;
  •       •Dividend Statistics
  •       •Claim Countdown
  •       •Manual Claims
• Dogeback Swap Platform
• Audit
• Whitepaper Release
• Launch on SWFT Blockchain
  •       • Scheduled 15th July 2021
• Twitch stream with DreamSport
  •       • Scheduled 15th July 2021
Long term Roadmap
• NFT Platform
• Exchanges Listing
• Dogeback Waterfall Ecosystem Build

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